Stumble Is God (Albeit a mighty random one)


I thought I’d seen everything. I saw 99chan, demotivational posters, I even went to to make sure I was up to date. I knew about google, and lolcats, and chat, and IM… for god’s sake, people came to me to learn about how to navigate the interwebs!

Then came Stumble, and  a new god was born.

Imagine, if you will, being able to find new things in any genre you can think of, nominated by other people interested in the same thing you are, just by clicking a button! No more tedious googling and sorting through the bloody spam sites and artificial search pumping, not for you. No, you’re being treated like a god, over at stumble.

Be warned, though. Nothing is free. The price? Oh, just eternal addiction, and a lack of interest in doing ANYTHING but Stumbling when you have a spare moment. My particular addiction is Stumble Video, and I worship it every day, sometimes every hour of a day…

*Needs Professional help for his Stumble addiction*


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