Carl Sagan – the first posthumous rockstar

This guy. This -unbeeelievable- guy. THIS guy. What moxie!

Carl Sagan has worn many shoes over the decades of his life, and I think most of us are aware of at least some of them: Author, screenwriter, actor, scientist (to put it mildly and to some extent inaccurately), all of these things, and more.

What amazes – and amuses – the hell out of me is the fact that this guy just won’t quit…

More than a decade after his death, Carl Sagan has become what I’m pretty sure is the world’s only posthumous rock star. Check out the link. I’d recommend looking at glorious dawn first.

Oh, and give credit where credit is due, I first found out about this from my friend (and blogging mentor) Badger. His blog, here.


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