Soooo…. yeah. Anybody know if this is for real?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you’re a scientist, or have experience with this technology, or a reliable source that is verifiable, I’d love to hear from you. because this is just plausible enough to scare me and exhilarate me at the same time… and leave me feeling like this might be a fake.

I mean, this is some really awesome technology, if it exists. think about what it could mean for places like the Sudan, or even rural areas in that battered, (and much face-palmed) but good hearted, old lady, my own U.S. of A.?

And that’s just for something like lighting a room for things like studying at night (Lincoln wouldn’t have had to wear glasses with these babies around, lol) . . . What about the other applications? extreme fuel efficiency, for instance? after all, think about how much heat comes off of a car’s engine, exhaust pipe, drivetrain, etc. … if all of that were kicking back into a hybrid’s fuel cell, we actually might get a car that would do three or four hundred miles to the gallon…


So before I get my hopes up, please come along and smash them ^^

’cause… yeah. *wants to do a “Fiddler On The Roof” dance to the beat from ‘If I Were A Rich Man’*


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