Red C**t Hair

Red Pubic Hair
Yup... that's the one I was talking about....

Now that I have your attention ^^ I’ll deliver on the promise… but first I want to explain how I came upon it.

I was browsing the web (like ya do) and I came across this wiki about archaic, unusual and humorous units of measurement. It’s incredibly fascinating, and I highly recommend you check it out when you have a few minutes and a moment of curiosity.

I was a little ticked when I looked at the contents list and couldn’t find my (finish carpenter) aunt’s favorite measurement, the BCH (or blonde c**t hair) … then I found the link at the bottom-ish for hair as used in measurement.

Only problem… the person writing the article didn’t include BCH, just RCH (red… well, you get the idea). As a matter of fact, the article (and at least one reference) sez that noone EVER uses any other color of hair for the mesurement, just hair, c**t hair, and RCH. grr.

Otherwise, good article. and well worth reading, just for the interesting historical and cultural info. But darn it, they were wrong about that!


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