Pandora, the best thing for music since the electric guitar!

Bitch was right ^^ open the damned box!

I went there.

And don’t say a word, I know what you’re thinking… ‘What about the synthesizer, the vocoder, the CD… the mp3??‘ and all I have to say is…

Shut up.
Shhh. Look, the synthesizer was mostly about replicating sounds created elsewhere and making it easy for anyone who could punch keys to make music. That’s not how it turned out, but that was the intention, and they failed utterly. And if they had succeeded… *shudders*

Imagine your eight-year old brother getting lauded for his emotionally moving masterpiece titled ‘My Brother Sucks And I Hate Chores’.

So the synthesizer is out.

The vocoder is there to make people who can’t sing, sing… the same objection applies. except this time it works. Look at my post on Symphony of Science if you don’t believe me…

Numbers three and four are easy. The CD is a nice format, but has its drawbacks, and really didn’t revolutionize much. and the MP3 allows millions of people all over the world to stiff the artists and labels who produce the music… so F**k the Mp3…

Which brings me to Pandora. It’s basically radio with a brain. I know there have been attempts in the past, but this one actually works.

Type in a few artists, albums, or songs, and you’re off… I’ve discovered so much music I never even knew existed, music that places like iTunes and Amazon, comprehensive as they are, don’t have… and there have been very few times that a song has not been what I want out of the station I created. It’s actually a little creepy.

Beyond that, Pandora is a creation of the Music Genome Project. The Music Genome Project seeks to understand music and clarify what makes some music differentfrom other music, as well as what makessome music similar.

The project is about typifying and indexing the DNA of music. Who better to create a radio site dedicated to finding the music similar to what you said you liked? ^^

Oh, by the way, here’s the website, and a link:


One thought on “Pandora, the best thing for music since the electric guitar!

  1. The CD is a nice format, but has its drawbacks, and really didn’t revolutionize much.

    Well, that’s certainly true. I mean, we all know that Eight Track and cassette tapes remain the dominant format for buying music outside of the downloading realm.


    (ps: I was going to make jokes about Victrolas, but then thought better of it. There is nothing funny about a Victrola)


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