Veteran’s Day

Thank you to all the people who, to paraphrase the words of Gen. George S. Patton, made the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

And thank you to all the people who fought, in or out of uniform, for peace, sense, and freedoms.



3 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day

  1. Readers may also be interested in the writings home from the front of US Sgt. Sam Avery during the Great War (World War I). Fascinating eyewitness history from the hot sands along the Rio Grande to the cold mud along the Meuse.

    This blog is an adventure long in the making for me in honor of my own family hero. Letters are posted on the same day they were written from the trenches 91 years ago. Today I found myself staring at my watch counting down the minutes to 1100 hrs.

    Long before the Greatest Generation there was the Most Gallant Generation. Stop by and come march along…
    (link censored)


    1. Very interesting. Especially since Veteran’s day was originally meant only to honor those who fought in the first world war, ‘the War to end all Wars’. I normally don’t publish plugs, but since your plug is on topic. . . ^^


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