I’m In LOVE!!!

Oh happy day, Callou, Callay… And other Frabjous and frilling words!

I R luv !1!1!

His name is Taylor, but he prefers his nickname, which is Deisel. ^^ I know, it sounds silly, but… well, think about it. If your first name was most often used for girls, and everybody mispronounced it, wouldn’t you find a nickname too?

The boy of my dreams
Rawr! lol

He’s silly and sweet and romantic and sexy, too… he likes hiking, the nets, gaming and geekery, movies and candle-lit dinners, and even long walks in the park, lol. I don’t know how to describe him… But we fit, somehow, together, in a way that is as much mundane as it is profound.  Just know that you must envy me, for he is a catch, and I has caught him. ^^

*glares when you does not envy him*



*strolls off, whistling a merry tune off of Eric Clapton’s Slowhand album*

P.S. I took both of these photos of him, whaddaya think?


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