Read this!

I’m not a Catholic. Nor am I Episcopalian. As I may have mentioned, I’m an Atheist who is also an ordained minister of the universal life church.

The Catholic church seems to think that it can tell our representatives what to do or how to vote, with the carrot being salvation, and the stick being damnation! WHAT THE *&!#$? I thought we were over this. Were the anti-papists right? Something stinks here, and I don’t think it’s in Denmark.

For the article that made me scream myself hoarse, see here.

Fucking jackass. I know, I know, it’s very clear that these are not Il Papa’s freaking statements, but it’s just like any company; do you honestly think that middle management does ANYTHING without the owner’s approval? They’re middle management. Middle management gets to be middle management by doing exactly what they’re told.

So, I repeat my earlier comment: Mr. Popey-head, you are a huuuuge, malformed, jackass. Fuck off.


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