Turkey Day… And what it means to me

So I figure it’s important to talk about one of the most universally celebrated holidays in America. If you’re Christian, you celebrate Christmas. If you’re Irish you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. If you’re a patriot you celebrate Veteran’s Day; and if you’re a liberal, Labor Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

But if you’re American you celebrate Thanksgiving. That includes immigrants to our country, legal and illegal both. What else were the original settlers, besides immigrants?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that in this great panoply of ideas and opinions, this mixing bowl of faith and politics, some people don’t celebrate – if for no other reason than a lack of family to celebrate with.

But the vast majority, across lines of faith, politics, and personal philosophy, can come together over only one holiday in America, Thanksgiving. And that is why Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the lot.

But, my god, I can hear you say, how can you poor Americans spend an entire holiday on something so boring? I mean, what, people sat down and ate? That’s the reason for the holiday?


And that’s also why it is made of win. Basically, Thanksgiving is so great precisely because it’s so bland. There’s nothing there, no message to interfere with gathering your friends and family around you,enjoying a big, happy meal, and giving out hugs/handshakes between dinner and dessert. It’s the last excuse extant for an extended family get-together that doesn’t have an aura of unpleasantness, either because Aunt Bob’s an atheist now and won’t come to Christma-Hanu-Kwanza-ka, or because Joe and Lenny can’t stop fighting whenever the political holidays come along.

(with any luck this is gonna post when it should, on Thanksgiving day. If it doesn’t, … well… there’s nothing I can do about it, sooo… ^^ )



One thought on “Turkey Day… And what it means to me

  1. Me, I’m just all about the food. 🙂 I made yesterday a 20lb turkey, mashed potatoes, Jell-O, deviled eggs and a couple sides, all just for Rob and myself. It was most fun!


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