Take that, creationists!

So I was stumbling along (like ya do), browsing through this wonderful data hub we call the internets, when I found a web page called http://www.geneticarchaeology.com. I read a little article they had. Apparently, there are these two closely related bird populations out in the Solomon Islands who are in the middle of evolving into seperate species as we speak. This process is called speciation, and is notoriously difficult to observe in action.

It is also yet another coffin nail in the populist idea that evolution doesn’t really exist and that everything we see was created by some invisible man somewhere. George Carlin would be proud.

For more info, go here to see the full article.


2 thoughts on “Take that, creationists!

    1. Next they’ll say that it only occurs in bodies, not in souls. And then we’ll have to spend a millennium patiently explaining that, while they would be technically correct in that statement, it’s meaningless because you can’t have evolution in something that never existed in the first place.


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