Methuselah, here we come!

Ah, science fiction....
Ah, science fiction...

Like every kid who read science fiction, I’ve always wanted to survive long enough to get to the era of youthening rays and cyborgs – heck, who hasn’t?

Woot! I could look like a model!

Living forever- or at least much, much longer than your forebears- has always been a popular theme in the public’s fantasies and in science fiction. And just to make this clear, we are talking about healthy, enjoyable lengthening of life, not a withering husk who technically has more years but gets less enjoyment out of them.

Well, celebrate, all you youngsters, young- and middle-aged adults, because something’s being done about that dream, and in the most efficient way possible. It’s called the Methuselah Prize.

The Methuselah prize is structured similar to the X-prize, but instead of commercial space travel, it tackles longevity and quality of life, bringing together scientists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, all focused on the goal of extending and improving the quality of human  life.

Projections for the success of this project in actually improving the length and quality of real lives? they differ, but range somewhere between the next decade and the next twenty or thirty years. so all of you who are less than thirty, have hope – you might just live to see the day where you can go to a doctor for your youthening ray treatment – although most likely you’ll have to wait in line behind Zac Efron.

"I'm sorry, sir, What age were you going for again?" "Twenty-five." "...Oops."

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