Umm. *blinks rapidly* Am I really seeing this?

Someone (someone who was obviously on a shit-load of drugs to have thought of this in the first place) … Someone has done a mashup of two stories, a la Sense and Sensibility And Sea Monsters. . . which was fucked up enough as it was, thank you very much.

This mashup I speak of (reluctantly and with great distaste) is of modern/classic format, as well. . . but starts from a modern film and a very classical play. It’s a mashup to end all mashups. it’s Two Gentlemen of Verona meet The Big Lebowski, and I can’t sleep anymore at night.

The correct title is Two Gentlemen of Lebowski. *shudders* that’s as far as I got.

Check it out. I’m not making this up. Pic after the bump.


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