Fucked Up Judiciary

So I don’t know if you were aware of this, but back in February of last year, a couple of Pennsylvania judges went to jail. Wanna know why?

‘Course ya do.

An’ I’m gonna tell ya, too. Soon as I take a hit of whisky, so I don’t throttle my monitor for showing me this evil!

*Breaks the neck off of a bottle, gulps down half of the contents (including fragments of bottle) and sighs*

Okay. The reason that the damned judges got tossed in jail was for taking bribes to change the length and outcome of court cases. But that’s not all. No.

See, these cases weren’t mob cases. They were juvenile court cases. And the bribes weren’t to see that the little shits got out early, either. The bribes were to make sure that the kids stayed in longer.

That’s right. You heard me. The judges artificially inflated the sentences of kids coming before their court… and not on felony charges, either! We’re talking misdemeanor shit, the kind that a kind judge might give you a verbal warning for.

These judges were handing out long sentences to little kids out of greed!

Guess who was lining their pockets with 30 pieces? It wasn’t a mob boss, that’s for damned sure, oh no.

It was PA Child care, a private juvenile detention facility contractor. Basically, the way the scam worked out was this:

  • Judges sentence little kids to longer, harder time
  • More kids go to juvie . . . and stay there longer
  • More kids wind up in PA Child Care’s (money-grubbing, filthy) clutches
  • PA Child Care gets more reimbursement from the state every year
  • PA Child Care thus raises Pennsylvania’s taxes and ruins the youth of the nation –  at the same time!

So…. yeah. these people are on my permanent shit list.

Here’s a link to the original reuters article.

Here’s a link to the PA Child care organization’s website.

And here are some things they can’t change as easily, if you feel like giving them a piece of your mind for what they did and may still be doing, for all we know.

Western PA Child Care                             PA Child Care
12 Dakota Drive                                          701 Sathers Drive
Emlenton, PA 16373                                Pittston Township, PA 18640

PHONE NUMBER                                       PHONE NUMBER
724- 867-0321                                           570-883-1803

FAX NUMBER                                             FAX NUMBER
724-867-0108                                           570-883-1479


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