moving, part deux;

Okay,  so I got all my stuff moved into my place, got everything shoved away into a corner where I could deal with it later, and got around to setting up my computer.

. . .

When I looked around for the outlet so I could plug in my power bar, I realized that there was only one in the room. Okay, i thought, that’s an annoyance, but at least I can manage to fit all of my chargers and my computer power cables on my power bar, right?

Then I noticed the failing of this rather innocent premise: My computer’s power bar, like the actual power cable for the computer itself, is a three bar plug. The outlet is from the stone age, when cords used TWO.


My landlady was kind enough to get an extension cord running up from the ground level (where the land of three bars begins, apparently) so I can now power my pc, but I still don’t have a wireless adapter or a viable internet connection, so for right now I’m reduced to giving you guys sporadic updates via (resigned, tolerant) friend’s computers. (Thank you guys again!)

More when I can!


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