My new favorite blog (aside from my already favorites)

Okay, I love my own blog. I’d better. ‘Cuz. . . you know, it’s mine. And stuff.

And I love Badger’s blog. His is the inspiration that got me into blogging in the first damned place.

That said, this blog is now in my top five, because it’s well organized, thoughtful, interesting to read, and helped me K.O. a creationist’s argument, something which, to understate rather mildly, I rather tend to enjoy. Just a little.
If you’re curious, or if you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, go see the original post here.
To return to my subject, I find this blog to be about the least dry atheist/science p.o.v. site I’ve ever seen.
(*winces as badger twists his arm* ok, ok except badger’s, there, ya happy now, badger? *rolls his eyes* Fuckin’ wookie)
Anyway, I highly recommend this site to anyone who is curious in the slightest about how the universe works, or anybody who wants a better understanding of the flaws inherent to creationism/creationist thought.


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