Guides Fo’ Shizzle

Generally speaking, guides on how to use something, especially something on the internet, and for which one has to pay, make me think about spam,  malware, phishing, and the guide, ‘How To Kill A Haxxor In Ten Minutes Or Less Without Getting Caught!’

– so imagine my surprise when I stumble (god, how I love thee upon fifteen (free) guides from a manufacturer of (pay for) guides to everything on/in the internet. (o.O)

No registration required, no downloads required (although you can download it in pdf if you want) . . . This shouldn’t exist! But I am so glad it does.

The free guides range from iPhone to BitTorrent, and include things like the audiophile’s guide to the internet. I can only speak to the accuracy and (informative-ness?) of the audiophile’s guide to the internet and the movie lover’s guide to the internet, because those are what I opened. They’re good. entertaining, informative, and with a shit ton of good links to things you should know about if you like (respectively) movies or music.

All in all, I’m amazed. Check it out, and see if there’s anything you might like to know more on.


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