Check this out. SOme amazing Crack…ed.

There’s this site called Amazing little site. Not sure if I believe all their claims, though. Especially on this one. I mean… flamethrowers, for gossake?

So go check this link out, and then fill out the poll. Because I’d like to know what you guys think. Are they blowing smoke up my ass, or can I go flambe the neighborhood for shits and giggles?


4 thoughts on “Check this out. SOme amazing Crack…ed.

  1. They are certainly accurate about the books. Loompanics, a fine Washington state publishing company, now out of business, published all sorts of crap. As far as the mini-guns and thermite go, yeah, I’m sure those are probably legal, too.


    1. Huh. Okay. Anybody have verification on the laws regarding flamethrowers? Because this means that it’s pretty much the only thing left about which there’s any real doubt. ^^ ty, O Badger my Badger.


  2. I don’t see any reason why they’d be illegal. We’re pretty weapons-happy in this country, and they are actually useful for certain things. Besides, what’s a blowtorch but a very small flamethrower?

    (oh, and I didn’t comment on these earlier because I didn’t see that it was a two page article… -_-; )

    (o.^) you’re welcome, Badger.


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