See? THIS is why I’m an atheist.

Barber sodomised for ‘beard abuse’


A poor barber got kidnapped, beaten, had limbs broken, and to top it off was gang raped … for shaving the beard off of a kid who wanted his beard shaved off. And the kid had to convince him to do it, too. The barber didn’t want to bloody do it in the first goddamn place. He was just doing his job, giving the customer what they wanted. And he gets motherfuckin’ raped, beaten… *apoplectic fury*

Why, you ask, did he get that sort of retaliation for basically doing his job?

Ah. Well. Because he was a barber in a town made up of Islamist extremists, that’s why. And because some silly little rule in the Islamist god-book says you shouldn’t get rid of facial hair, or something. And of course the kid didn’t want to listen to the rule, because he was “moving to a modern town” and wanted to fit in.  And the kid’s brother got pissed. Basically. So instead of taking it out on his brother (and if anyone is at fault here, it’s that little prick… WHY DIDN”T YOU GET THE DAMN SHAVE IN THE MODERN TOWN, JACKASS?!) *coughs apologetically* Sorry.

Now where was I? Ah, yes. So instead of taking it out on his brother, the older brother kidnaps, rapes and brutalizes the freakin’ barber.

Note to self: Never, EVER open a business in a town of religious extremists. EVER.


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