I feel like I’m watching a Hitler Youth Rally… the brainwashing is palpable.

I’m not going to make this a huge post, but let me clarify something here: I don’t think that the people doing this intend to harm the children, for the most part. I think that these people are most often simply delusional. However, I agree with Mr. Dawkins that inculcating children with these irrational, illogical, and downright primeval concepts is tantamount to child abuse. Especially the way these guys are doing it. Buh.

If you don’t like it, good. Because you shouldn’t like what these bastards are doing. *shudders*


8 thoughts on “I feel like I’m watching a Hitler Youth Rally… the brainwashing is palpable.

  1. Brainwashing indeed. Do his beliefs mean that when I catch him working on the Sabbath… I can stone him to death? All or nothing, pal!

    This stuff just drives me crazy. Half the time I’m against this “New Atheism” movement because I believe in tolerance and acceptance but then something like THIS comes my way and I just want to scream.


  2. Take some consolation, my friends. Look at how bored all those kids appear to be, especially when Cowboy Hat Guy is up there pontificating. Ken Ham (never seen the bastard in the flesh before, but he’s a total waste of bandwidth in the online world), is fighting a losing battle. Once these kids get to the point where they’re learning about evolution in schools all the damage he’s doing will be undone for the vast majority of them.

    Of course it would help just a bit if the schools would do a better job of teaching it…


      1. Actually as far as I know even with homeschooling they have to cover certain basic subjects including evolution.


      2. Yeah… but I get the feeling that it’s not exactly ‘fair and balanced’, don’t you? whether or not the kid understands the meaning of the terms and can pass a test by parroting it off, if (s)he’s being taught this by someone who says ‘but that isn’t true’ every five minutes… or makes a big deal out of how this is what they are being forced to teach, not what they believe to be true… *shrugs*


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