Just saw the preview teaser for Skins U.S. – I wish I could say I was thrilled.

I just saw the preview teaser for Skins U.S., and I actually, physically, literally cringed. I didn’t stop cringing until I got through to the end. Let me tell you why.

For those of you who don’t know, Skins is an insanely popular British T.V. show televised on the U.K.’s channel E4. It follows the lives of a group of high-school aged teens as they love, hate, party, and all the rest – think Degrassi done by Larry Clark. It’s dark, twisted, fun, and brutally honest in a lot of ways.

I think  one of the problems I have with the American version is that it lacks that brutal, honest feel. It  isn’t that the source material is being almost word for word copied (which is bad enough, in my opinion), or even that they’re dumbing it down all the same for American audiences (the bedspread below is from the U.K. – the new version has some stupid abstract design. BOOOORING) – It’s that the combination of dumbing down, ripping off, and miscasting have dulled the dark, brilliant edge that made this show like nothing else. The cinematography (from what I can tell, which isn’t much,  in all fairness) ain’t much to write home about either.

Original Tony's bedspread - accept no substitutes
Original Tony's bedspread - accept no substitutes


The Original Skins Cast - Cute, But Real.
The Original Skins Cast - Cute, But Real.
Skins U.S. - So hot they're ugly
Skins U.S. - So hot they're ugly

And I have it from an online source that the American analog for the gay boy in the series is going to be *sigh* you guessed it, a lesbian. Who -get this- is a cheerleader. *speechlessness ensues*

I think what got me really were the casting choices, though.  I mean, casting a lesbian role instead of a male gay role… well, that pisses me off and it’s exclusionary, but I don’t know that I’d expect any different from a U.S. television company. The problem goes beyond that, though – the guys are hunks, the girls are impossibly thin and pretty, and that alone makes the show uninteresting, both visually and aesthetically. It’s pandering MTV crap.

As a comparison, an American show I really love is Glee (broadcast by Fox, no less. *shudders*) One of the reasons I like Glee is for the specific reason that although the kids are all actually adults, and are very attractive in their own way, the cast as a whole is pretty, i dunno, average looking. They don’t look like they stepped off of a GQ cover. They look real, fer gossake. They look like high-school students.

As far as the American version of Skins, as much as I like(d) the original, I’d rather watch The Office – I’d actually cringe less.


Television High School - UR doin it rite.
Television High School - UR doin it rite.

7 thoughts on “Just saw the preview teaser for Skins U.S. – I wish I could say I was thrilled.

  1. You’re being a bit harsh here. The cast is attractive, but not impossibly so. I agree about the bit where Maxxie was effectively given a sex-change, but if they follow the British trends, perhaps we’ll have a gay boy with a straight twin brother in seasons 3 and 4.

    …think Degrassi done by Larry Clark

    Now that was lol-worthy.


  2. Stop trashing Americans and American tv, we’re alot better than the brits. Sorry if there’s a respectful thing in our country such as censorship! We can’t just show porn on public television. Sorry Americans are better looking and MTV couldn’t find actors that were as ugly as the original characters.


    1. I’m so sorry you find my opinion about this particular import from the U.K. so offensive. I wonder where the knee-jerk patriotism comes from for (of all things) American television? If you want to beat your chest, you’ve come to the wrong audience, I’m afraid.

      Now, about this whole ‘respectful thing in our country such as censorship’. . . Grammar (and my personal feelings about censorship) aside, there is still absolutely nothing respectful about censorship. The assumption censorship (and proponents of said same) seem to go on is that adults can’t change the channel if what they see offends them. Telling me or any other sane adult that we don’t have the capacity to decide for ourselves what we find objectionable and act on that decision is the epitome of disrespectful.

      Let’s not even bother with the ‘protect our children’ argument, shall we? The result of an irresponsible parent plopping their hell-spawn I mean innocent, precious, child, down in front of a tv is disastrous no matter how censored the television, as study after study has shown. Those irresponsible parenting techniques should have no bearing on what television offers adults.

      On a side note: Next you’ll be telling me that Showtime and Cinemax aren’t American. The content they show is far racier than the content in the uncensored, british version of Skins, and yet you seem to find no fault with them. And of course if one found the content objectionable, one would be free to use parental controls to censor one’s own viewing experience, wouldn’t one? it’s not like the old days when television was broadcast over the radio waves, dear. You have a choice now.


    2. Right what you’ve said is messed up … the brits were fit but realistic were as the us were lets just say sluts … and english tv is ace and american not so much and i love skins soooo much <33333


  3. They don’t actually have lots of sexual scenes that were censored, it’s the intense, emotional scenes that were better in the UK version, and you can’t deny the fact that the UK version’s had 5 seasons already, while that US version’s only had about 10 episodes or something


  4. Nah im american and i agree that the british version is way better
    When i saw the british one i was like wow this is interesting
    When I saw the american version i was like bleh


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