Ze Frank has words of wise

I’ve always worked backwards in finding new things or people to admire and explore; I guess I’m weird that way. I heard Nirvana’s cover of  ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ before I heard it in the original Bowie (for the record, Bowie’s version is superior, and I’m saying that in spite of the fact that I heard Nirvana’s first – suck it).

Then, when I was thirteen, I discovered Denis Leary. I became obsessed with his comedy; dry, bitter, raunchy and unforgiving, it seemed a perfect fit for the person I was in the process of gloaming my way into (i.e. angsty teen stereotype #984,643). I continued to admire his wit and sarcasm until I discovered his source, Bill Hicks.  Bill Hicks was everything Leary was, but more, and better, and smarter – and possessed of a wry affection for his fellow human beings, which was never in evidence with Leary’s work. Unfortunately, I fell out of love with Leary’s comedy when I discovered Bill Hicks’, because Leary had ripped off almost an entire album of material almost word for word, something I considered an unforgivable theft.

Ze Frank is a video blogger on YouTube who has inspired some of the most recognized names on YouTube  Both John and Hank Green of *deep breath* vlogbrothers, crash course education, Sci-show  and Nerdighteria (etc.) fame, claim Ze Frank’s YouTube channel as a constant source of inspiration. Fortunately for me, however, Ze Frank wasn’t ripped off by the vlogbrothers – they don’t roll that way. They did what any good fan does – expand, alter, express themselves; they used what they knew from their own lives and made something truly great, and I honor THEM for that, and I honor Ze for being even partly the inspiration for that.

And he is truly an inspiration. watch this video of him, and then Fyeah, Ze Frank will happen. I love his videos. So I want to share.


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