On Steam Tech Support

So I’m a big fan of tech support in general. Lots of really good people work this frustrating job, and I’m used to the fact that they’re going to do things like assume I’m an idiot and ask if I’ve turned the device off then on again, because a) they have to, and b) most people ARE idiots. or functionally close enough with technology, anyways.

But Steam’s tech support no longer gets the benefit of the doubt on this issue any more.

Before I go any further, you should know the history of my tech support woes with Valve, and why it was a definite last resort this most recent time. Continue reading “On Steam Tech Support”


What I’m doing.

This is why I can’t blog and update a lot… I’m busy doing things like this… Gah.

Dicamptodon tenebrosus

Human Interactions

Bio 212, Winter Quarter


Figure 1:  Coastal Giant Salamander (Dicamptodon tenebrosus) (Nafis)

Dicamptodon tenebrosus, the Coastal Giant Salamander, has its habitat in fast-flowing clear streams and forest floors (within ~50 meters of those streams), and rarely comes in contact with human beings, avoiding heavily populated settlements (California). Given that information, one might assume that they would be subject to heavy habitat loss through logging, siltation of their steams, and other human activities. The reality is a bit murkier.

The Canadian government, through its environmental arm, the Ministry of Environment, Lands, and Parks, has placed tenebrosus on its provincial red list (candidates for threatened or endangered status), because inside of the borders of Canada, the area in which tenebrosus is found is quite small, and may be threatened by just such behavior as was discussed before – logging and siltation of streams reducing the available habitat (Blood).

However, the IUCN red list has them listed as ‘Least Concern’, citing ” wide distribution, presumed large population,” and that “it [tenebrosus] is unlikely to be declining fast enough to qualify for listing in a more threatened category.” (Hammerson). The wide distribution the IUCN cites stretches over 700 miles linear, from northwestern California to the Chilliwack drainage in B.C., Canada. This does not include breadth of distribution, which may be wide or narrow, depending on local area conditions.

The IUCN is not alone in their designation. The Washington Herp Atlas cites state and Global (US) conservation statuses of S5 (“Demonstrably widespread, abundant, and secure in the state; believed to be ineradicable under present conditions”) and G5 (“Demonstrably widespread, abundant, and secure globally, though it may be quite rare in parts of its range, especially at the periphery”), respectively (Hallock).

Does this mean there is no cause for concern? The answer seems to be both yes and no. While tenebrosus is in no immediate danger, future habitat losses due to unsafe logging practices, coupled with predation and the difficulty in doing species-count studies with a species so adept at hiding from exposure, raises the possibility of not knowing enough about population losses until they reach a critical mass.

In closing, while they only seem to be rare at the periphery of/outside of their natural habitat, these animals live in a habitat directly impacted by logging and other human industry. Safe logging and forest habitat preservation practices will go a long way toward making sure tenebrosus never gets endangered, keeping these wonderful animals around for future generations.




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I am sooooo…. glad…. It’s OVER! No more tests for a while, no more stuffing my brain with homework on the side…

On the other hand, I’m so looking forward to starting up again… SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE OUT THERE…

I feel like the guy from that Twilight Zone episode did, right before he broke his glasses.

Yeah, that guy.

I said BEFORE he broke his glasses. Jesus.

I’ve seen so much that I’ve wanted to show you all… I don’t know where to start. I’ve been building up since about mid-quarter, but school and homework (and my boyfriend ^^) came first.

So to start off, a little something on maturity.


I love the fact that whoever did this captured everyone at their best and worst… Maybe these should be renamed Barnum goats.


Talk about timing. That right there is something I can only admire… as long as it isn’t shooped, which it most likely is.


That up there is about the only reason I can think of to become affiliated with a religion, even though I couldn’t actually believe in it. Being allowed to carry that bowie-esque sonuvabitch any-damn-where I want in public? and it’s my religious freedom, so law be damned? Freakin’ sweet.

Lastly, a little something to make up for that remark, because really, I promise I wouldn’t sell out my principles for a knife (unless it was Excalibur and the zombie apocalypse was at hand, at which point my principles would have a fire sale – you still wouldn’t be able to make me believe, but I’d say any damn thing you wanted to get my hands on a magic sword if evil undead were on the horizon).


So there ya go. I’m still Arthur from the block, or whatever.

See y’all soon!

Welcome to college life! ^^

What I wish my college looked like part 1
What I wish my college looked like part 1
What I wish my college looked like part 2
What I wish my college looked like part 2

I’m going back to school! Yay me! I’m taking care of prerequisite english and math courses first, and then moving on to (most likely) a business degree. I hope to become fluent in at least one, perhaps two, languages along the way – probably Spanish and French.

What my college actually looks like *sigh*
What my college actually looks like *sigh*


Since I’m going to be doing some writing assignments anyway, I’m inviting you all along. I’m going to publish here, what my assignment was and what I wrote for it, in the (prehaps vain) hope that some among you might find it interesting. I’d also like to see what you guys would have written – keeping in mind that whatever you write, it will remain your property excluding my ability to use it on my blog in any way I see fit (in other words, I won’t publish it in any other format than my blog(s) without your permission), and I’ll always credit you [or rather your username, lol] with the authorship of any pieces you put up here if I wind up using them in a different post. ^^

So let the fun Englishy stuff begin!