The Flower: An Animated Allegory

I think pretty much everyone needs to see this video, as it sums up the truth of the situation pretty well. We may not all agree, and this video comes off a little biased, I will admit, but the objective truth agrees with the majority of the (allegorical) statements made in this cartoon.

TL: DR – Watch this. It’s Fawkin’ true, mate.


Disturbing, but is it good?

I’m not completely convinced this is good. On the other hand, I have this niggling little suspicion that it’s the best animation I’ve seen so far (full disclosure: I haven’t seen Avatar yet)… I’d love to hear what others thinkk about this little . . . gem?

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Why is it that only cartoons get religion right?

South Park and Mormons.
South Park and Scientologists.
Now American Dad and the Rapture.
This is exactly how I always pictured the rapture and Armageddon… Like bad eighties post-apocalyptic sci-fi, mixed with a dash of desperation and a soup├žon of religious mania.
If only they’d gotten Mel to star… lol.

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A new video for the steampunker furry set ^^

This is one of the oddest little music videos I’ve ever seen. That said, I think the unusual methods used to animate it, and the merits of the song itself, are compelling enough to show this to my viewers. For some reason it reminds me of a dark(er) and (more) surreal descendant of Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Tonight, Tonight’ video, seen here.

More probably though, this music video can trace its cinematic roots to this video, ‘Megalomaniac’, by Incubus.

Either way, you have a very respectable pedigree of influences. Not a very original music video, but certainly eye-popping and surreal, which is something I like to see in music videos.

Family Guy, An astoundingly well-written… DRAMA?

If I said that it was funny, nobody would be amazed, because that’s obvious to everybody but Sarah Palin and Il Papa. If I said it was entertaining, I’d get a mixed bag of responses, but most would agree. Today I put to you, ladies and gentlemen, a more difficult argument: That Family Guy – as well as being one of the finest comedies, animated or not, to grace the air – is also a surprisingly moving drama, following in the footsteps of such greats as All In The Family.

One can bring to mind many, many episodes with a moving line, situation, or plot element. Enumerating each one, however, would soon prove repetitious and boring. So instead I shall use as an exemplar the most recent episode, called ‘Jerome Is The New Black’. I hope I won’t give spoilers, but be warned anyway. If you haven’t seen it, hie thyself off to Hulu and do so before reading this. This is not a review.

In this episode, we face issues of latent racism, the cultural bias in our country (and many others) against inter-racial sex, and the conundrum of what to do when someone truly loathes everything you are.

The central theme is the search for a new friend to take Cleveland’s place. When Brian asks to join the group, Peter simply responds that Quagmire hates Brian’s guts.

Brian spends the entire episode trying to get Quagmire to like him. He eventually corners Quagmire, pressing for an explanation, since Quagmire’s feelings are obviously not going to change. What follows is one of the most brutally honest tear-downs of a character’s perceived and objective flaws that I have ever seen.

What’s better, it rang true. The audience is moved not only to hurt with Brian, but to agree with Quagmire, which makes the audience hurt all the more. It was truly impressive, a stunning piece of writing I can only wish I had written first – the best compliment a writer can give.

I will not repeat what Quagmire said here. It is far, far better for you to hear it as part of the narrative whole, and judge for yourselves. I sincerely invite your comments after having done so, so long as they aren’t flames about the series. Whether you like the series isn’t what I’m interested in. Simply put, I want to know what you think of that particular scene – the lines, the acting, and so on. How did it make you feel? was the scene (not the series, not even the episode) good? Why?

I hope to hear from you all soon!