This is just Dean-lightening

So for those of you who don’t know, PBS funds a show on youtube called ideachannel. It features some fantastically out there ideas, usually backed by pretty solid evidence. It’s pretty entertaining to watch, and they just did an episode on Community… so… you know I’m all over that. Anyway, take a look. video after the jump. Continue reading “This is just Dean-lightening”


100 Greatest film insults of all time

There are so many situations I’ve been in where I wished I had been able to remember the turn of phrase these movies masterfully put into an insult.

Now I don’t have to.

I took notes. Lol.

And for those of you who wonder where this or that quote came from, there’s a list of the movies used organized by time used here.

I wish I could time travel – Just to see these movies sooner.

Thought you were jazzed about Kick Ass? forget it. Watchmen? BO-ring.

These movies are making me drool to the swimming point. I just can’t get enough. And that’s just the trailers. *homina homina how-wah!*

First up is Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World – In which Micheal Cera is the title lead, who has to. … you know what, just watch the trailer.

Yeah. Just … Yeah. And apparently like Kick Ass, this is ALSO based on a little indie comic nobody but a few g33k(0RR comix-nerds have heard of. I’m just waiting for the Sluggy Freelance movie.

Next up: Another Disney adaptation of a Disney creation…. *facepalm* I really wish I were joking about that. And I really wish I could boycott it, but dammit, Just like POTC, this lo0ks freaking excellent!

‘This’ btw is the new Disney live-action film, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. *lacks words to describe* Just watch it. I’m serious. *drools all over himself*

I think Mickey just shit himself.

Human Target: Good show. No, man, REALLY good.

I just saw the pilot for the new show Human Target.

For those of you who haven’t seen the advertisements, the premise is that the main character, one Christopher Chance, is a private eye who offers a specialized service – he’ll go undercover, flush out the bad guy, and take him out.

I didn’t walk in with high expectations. Matter of fact, the only reason I saw it at all was pure accident. I got up too early for a medical appointment and had some time to kill before getting out the door. Lucky me, because I made a pleasant discovery.

I was blown away by this show. The cinematography was eye-catching, the fight scenes were so realistic and complex I thought I’d stepped into a Bourne movie,  and the supporting cast was made up of people who can act blindfolded and hog-tied – and do it better than ninety percent of their peers. I particularly noticed Tricia Helfer, who played the stunning and complex role of Cylon Number Six in the new version of Battlestar Galactica. Her acting was, as usual, a treat. Jackie Earle Haley was extremely entertaining as Guerrero, Chi Mcbride (who most people will remember from his well-turned role as Stephen Harper on the show Boston Public) turned out with his usual panache as Winston, the Human Target’s agent, and Mark Valley, the Human Target himself . . . words fail me. In a good way.

I mean the show even has a good THEME. A good theme, fer chrissake! smart, catchy, but not trite or inane. . . this is a theme that feels like the theme from the A-team or Paladin (“Have Gun, Will Travel”), where it’s so perfect at setting the mood that it almost doesn’t matter whether the episode is good or not.  Give it a shot. I doubt me you’ll be disappointed . . . but I’ve been wrong before.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Mother Of All Mashes

Youtube. home of . . . well. . . whatever you’re looking for, as long as it ain’t porn, and ain’t the printed word, you’ll find it (probably) on youtube.

Some brilliant man decided to take all of that user-submitted content and mash some of it into a new music video, somewhat in the style of AMVs (Anime Music Videos) or mash-ups (no explanation necessary; they’re both on Wiki) but subtly different.

That difference is simple: He made us the star. His mash-ups are a paean to everything laudable about Youtube, and therefore, to us, the people who make Youtube what it is.

Plus, it ROCKS. Here’s a link to the site where I was turned on to this groovy wonder, and here’s the video that wowed me:

Stephen Fry is a wonderful guy!

Mr. Fry, you're staring at me... It's making me a bit uncomfortable...

Look, I know I’m biased. I’m gay, an Anglophile, and an atheist… not to mention passingly fond of good acting, tasteful and well-turned phraseology, and cunning, cutting, catty humour.

All that said, well… I adore Stephen Fry. He’s one of the few people who give me hope. Hope that intelligent people have not completely disappeared from public view. Hope that more brave and daring people like him will stand up to speak for what is right and just, against that which is hypocritical and false. Hope that I, bipolar, gay, and atheist though I am, might yet have some sort of positive effect on this wondrous world we live in.

Mr. Fry, I salute you.

To learn more about Stephen Fry, you can go to these sites, and I highly recommend that you do ^^

Stephen Fry’s official site, created and maintained by himself and… someone else… ^^

Stephen Fry’s Wikipedia entry

Stephen Fry’s Internet Movie DataBase page




And an example for those of you who haven’t seen him in action… culled from many, many examples, and not by far the best, but simply the one I chose. ^^