Why Not To Buy A Mac part deux

Go ahead, Apple fans – and undecideds – click on the picture and learn. It really is fascinating to see a good, solid comparison.


A look back at a look forward

1967\’s predictions about what home computing will look like

This is what we thought home computers would look like in the future. I have to say I don’t see it as too far off the mark. Sure, our modern computers are far more compact, diverse, and adaptable, but I think it’s really rather nifty that even back in 1967 people were dreaming of online banking, amazon, e-mail, web-cams, net-linked security cameras, etc.

The Reactable… silly name, Interesting technology.

I have it on the best authority that not only does the technology exist, but it’s being produced and sold. This is no demo.

Don’t let the silly European techno culture distract you from this incredibly glitzy and brilliant piece of computer engineering. It is an intuitive leap forward for the way we view music and music creation (or it will be, anyway, if the price drops). They even have a newer model that’s supposedly more durable and easier to use, for installation in public institutions such as children’s science centers and music/arts learning centers.