Sigh. . .

Still no internet. I paid for access to the wireless web at my place, borrowed a wireless network adapter, and then found out the adapter was so old it won’t work with my os (vista). . .

If anybody has a vista compatible usb wireless network adapter, let me know, please! I’m blogging from the library! AAAARGH!


Okay, so I just got a place. In BALLARD!!

I got a place! I’m so happy. Thanks to all of the people who helped me find this place, and all those who helped me stay sane while on the hunt.

I love you all.

I may or may not have internet at the new place for a while (I don’t know about the landlines, and I don’t have a wireless adapter any more) – so there may be a slight interruption of awesomeness while I get settled in and set up. but I luh you all and will do my damnedest to get back in the saddle as soon as possible ^^ *squeals like a schoolgirl* Ballard! I love Ballard!

The Arthur needs help!

due to unfortunate events I find myself in need of a place to live. I need to move out of my current residence in the next 28 days, or by the 6th of next month.

So I put it to you, my faithful readers: Anybody got a room available?

Here’s what I need;

rent that’s less than or equal to $300 a month, including utilities. I’m on a fixed income, so I can’t be flexible on that. Gay friendly household required ^^ – because I’m gay. lol.

and a room. not a closet, not a living room, a room. It doesn’t have to be a large room, but it has to have four walls, a window, and a door, because otherwise it’s not a legal residence, and it needs to be a legal residence (I’m not going to get my new best friend, the guy who saved my ass from homelessness, in dutch with der polizei on my account).

reasonable access to transportation. I bus. I have medical appointments I MUST make every month. Therefore I need a place that’s close to at least one major bus line.

Lastly, I need a Puget Sound location, preferably South King or North Pierce counties, but I can be flexible all the way south to Lakewood, east to Covington, and north to Northgate.

I don’t have any pets, but I don’t mind if you do, so that’s not an issue (i particularly like cats, but I’ve lived with dogs, birds, lizards, snakes, goats and even ferrets without raising a (lol) stink)

Any and all help is much and profusely appreciated!

Yes, we really DO drive that badly in the snow…

You may not live in the west. Still, you probably saw this on your television back in 07 during that horrendous ice/snow storm that lasted for a few weeks out here. If you lived in a place like Michigan, Vermont, or Maine, you were probably laughing your rear-end off.

I lived through that storm. Yes, we really DO drive that badly out here in inclement weather like that… Even professional drivers were having their asses handed to them by mother nature.

My real worry is that I now live on a hill that steep or steeper… and winter is fast approaching … *starts building a bunker*