The Flower: An Animated Allegory

I think pretty much everyone needs to see this video, as it sums up the truth of the situation pretty well. We may not all agree, and this video comes off a little biased, I will admit, but the objective truth agrees with the majority of the (allegorical) statements made in this cartoon.

TL: DR – Watch this. It’s Fawkin’ true, mate.


Stephen Fry is a wonderful guy!

Mr. Fry, you're staring at me... It's making me a bit uncomfortable...

Look, I know I’m biased. I’m gay, an Anglophile, and an atheist… not to mention passingly fond of good acting, tasteful and well-turned phraseology, and cunning, cutting, catty humour.

All that said, well… I adore Stephen Fry. He’s one of the few people who give me hope. Hope that intelligent people have not completely disappeared from public view. Hope that more brave and daring people like him will stand up to speak for what is right and just, against that which is hypocritical and false. Hope that I, bipolar, gay, and atheist though I am, might yet have some sort of positive effect on this wondrous world we live in.

Mr. Fry, I salute you.

To learn more about Stephen Fry, you can go to these sites, and I highly recommend that you do ^^

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And an example for those of you who haven’t seen him in action… culled from many, many examples, and not by far the best, but simply the one I chose. ^^