It’s my birthday. . . And I’ll dance if I wanna.

W00t! I’m not telling you how old I am, which probably tells you the age range involved here, but IT’S MA BIRFDAY!!!! lol

*dances geekily*

I’m having pot roast with all the fixin’s, a peppermint patty cake (brownie double layere3d with thick white peppermint frosting inbetween, and chocolate frosting on the outside) , and I’m getting some presents ^^ I dunno what they’ll be tho (^v^)

I wish I’d known about these candles in time for to beg my parents to by them for my birthday cake ^^ these things look like they’d rock.


Sigh. . .

Still no internet. I paid for access to the wireless web at my place, borrowed a wireless network adapter, and then found out the adapter was so old it won’t work with my os (vista). . .

If anybody has a vista compatible usb wireless network adapter, let me know, please! I’m blogging from the library! AAAARGH!

moving, part deux;

Okay,  so I got all my stuff moved into my place, got everything shoved away into a corner where I could deal with it later, and got around to setting up my computer.

. . .

When I looked around for the outlet so I could plug in my power bar, I realized that there was only one in the room. Okay, i thought, that’s an annoyance, but at least I can manage to fit all of my chargers and my computer power cables on my power bar, right?

Then I noticed the failing of this rather innocent premise: My computer’s power bar, like the actual power cable for the computer itself, is a three bar plug. The outlet is from the stone age, when cords used TWO.


My landlady was kind enough to get an extension cord running up from the ground level (where the land of three bars begins, apparently) so I can now power my pc, but I still don’t have a wireless adapter or a viable internet connection, so for right now I’m reduced to giving you guys sporadic updates via (resigned, tolerant) friend’s computers. (Thank you guys again!)

More when I can!

Owww. Ouch.

Three days ago I went to have some fillings. I’m still in pain. It’s not going away, in fact it’s getting worse. And it seems to be coming from the place where the dentist injected Novocaine as well as from the teeth she filled.

This is by far the worst tooth-pain I’ve ever felt. Needless to say, I’m heading up there and letting one of the other dentists who work at that office look at it today. I hope nothing earth- (or tooth-) shattering is wrong, but I don’t hold out too much hope. After all, pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong, and the more wrong it is, the more pain you get.

Hmm. Sounds like a topic for a more in-depth article, when I can think outside of the burning fire in ma mouf.

Okay, so I just got a place. In BALLARD!!

I got a place! I’m so happy. Thanks to all of the people who helped me find this place, and all those who helped me stay sane while on the hunt.

I love you all.

I may or may not have internet at the new place for a while (I don’t know about the landlines, and I don’t have a wireless adapter any more) – so there may be a slight interruption of awesomeness while I get settled in and set up. but I luh you all and will do my damnedest to get back in the saddle as soon as possible ^^ *squeals like a schoolgirl* Ballard! I love Ballard!

The Arthur needs help!

due to unfortunate events I find myself in need of a place to live. I need to move out of my current residence in the next 28 days, or by the 6th of next month.

So I put it to you, my faithful readers: Anybody got a room available?

Here’s what I need;

rent that’s less than or equal to $300 a month, including utilities. I’m on a fixed income, so I can’t be flexible on that. Gay friendly household required ^^ – because I’m gay. lol.

and a room. not a closet, not a living room, a room. It doesn’t have to be a large room, but it has to have four walls, a window, and a door, because otherwise it’s not a legal residence, and it needs to be a legal residence (I’m not going to get my new best friend, the guy who saved my ass from homelessness, in dutch with der polizei on my account).

reasonable access to transportation. I bus. I have medical appointments I MUST make every month. Therefore I need a place that’s close to at least one major bus line.

Lastly, I need a Puget Sound location, preferably South King or North Pierce counties, but I can be flexible all the way south to Lakewood, east to Covington, and north to Northgate.

I don’t have any pets, but I don’t mind if you do, so that’s not an issue (i particularly like cats, but I’ve lived with dogs, birds, lizards, snakes, goats and even ferrets without raising a (lol) stink)

Any and all help is much and profusely appreciated!

I’m In LOVE!!!

Oh happy day, Callou, Callay… And other Frabjous and frilling words!

I R luv !1!1!

His name is Taylor, but he prefers his nickname, which is Deisel. ^^ I know, it sounds silly, but… well, think about it. If your first name was most often used for girls, and everybody mispronounced it, wouldn’t you find a nickname too?

The boy of my dreams
Rawr! lol

He’s silly and sweet and romantic and sexy, too… he likes hiking, the nets, gaming and geekery, movies and candle-lit dinners, and even long walks in the park, lol. I don’t know how to describe him… But we fit, somehow, together, in a way that is as much mundane as it is profound.  Just know that you must envy me, for he is a catch, and I has caught him. ^^

*glares when you does not envy him*



*strolls off, whistling a merry tune off of Eric Clapton’s Slowhand album*

P.S. I took both of these photos of him, whaddaya think?