Why Not To Buy A Mac part deux

Go ahead, Apple fans – and undecideds – click on the picture and learn. It really is fascinating to see a good, solid comparison.


Natal. A most peculiar thing.

I found out a bit more about Microsoft’s Project Natal, for the Xbox 360. It’s an amazing bit of technology, and I’ll show you some of it here by reposting one or two of the multiple demonstration videos available on youtube.

One of the things that Microsoft has said, many times over, is that they want to hear our opinions and suggestions about what kind of game we would create, what we would do with the technology. These are the ideas I came up with, based on watching all of the videos.

I’d very much like to see a mix between lionshead’s Milo idea and a next-generation version of the Sims. Imagine how awesome it would be to actually talk with your sims, and have them react holistically, understanding not just the surface order, but also the context. . . allowing the sims to be capable of independent decision making, remembering to do the basic tasks themselves, asking your opinion before deciding on a career, that sort of thing…

Or better yet, the ability to bring real-world board games (chess, checkers, chinese checkers, go, etc.) in and play with a computer opponent – your milo.

A more detailed and refined system for creating art (about this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie02k3eAvxY )would be nice, something where you could create fine brushstrokes and not have to pose to draw an elephant. ^^

Perhaps therapy for people with social disorders, as has been attempted with SecondLife – A lot of people would actually rather not air their private laundry to a real person, but recognize the need for therapy…

These are all off the top of my head. What will be even more amazing is what can be done in terms of fantasy fulfillment (being a superhero, learning how to pilot a plane, exploring strange new worlds like star trek or star wars, etc.) …

The sky is really the limit. I think that the most important starter program for this technology at the moment, though, is Milo-based. Truly interactive AI avatars with personality and emotional recognition characteristics, the virtual confidant.

i think this is potentially the most ground-breaking new device since the NES. The only thing remaining is to see whether Microsoft and the third-party programmers use that potential, or squander it.