Light at the end of the tunnel (is that a train?)

I’m still blogging from the library, but I found a wireless network adapter online (for half price, no less. Which means I could afford it. . . the original was sixty four dollars *ouch*) and it should be here today or tomorrow. Newegg ROCKS! lol. free three day shipping on a half-off brand-new top of the line item. . . I luh you, Newegg.

So with any luck, your fearless blogger should be back to his old blogging form sometime in the next couple of days, barring snail-mail fuckups or lack of funds for ISP. . . Wish me luck,  all!


The coolest little music factory ever…

especially since it’s TOTALLY user friendly

Now… you won’t be making Mozart envious on this little thing … hell, your music-geek neighbor down the block can whip your ass bloody with fruitloops… but this is still an awesomely engrossing little toy for the dabbler in music creation. (aka me)…

Now listen to the creation! *cackles insanely*