Pretty much. NSFW.

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XTube - What Channel Are You On?

Hiya. Yeah, this isn’t gonna be a safe for work post. But I figure the Int0rnets is for porn, soo…

I loveĀ  me sum X-Tube. it roxxors. I used to spend hours on the net, trying to find good porn, or a good personals site. I’d still orgasm, but I would regularly fail to find either.

Xtube is both.

I almost never go anywhere else for pron these days, except when I’m looking for drawn pr0ns (ychan, 99chan)…

and believe me, it’s also proof that whatever fetish you like, somebody else is making porn of it, and whatever kind of person you’re attracted to, somebody like that is looking for somebody like you. I’ve got a fairly specific fetish (chubby boys between eighteen and twenty four or so, not too hairy, but not shaved, smart and with good smiles… the list goes on, and some of the things I look for are pretty embarrassing, so….) … I have eighty-five friends on xtube, about seventy-three of whom fit my preferences, to the point of being an eight to a ten on a ten point scale of hottness. ^^

I’ve even been approached for everything from a one-night stand, all the way through a weekend orgy with four other guys, to a full on relationship. One guy wanted me to fly out to his hotel on the east coast and spend a weekend fulfilling all of our darkest and most secret desires… room and board paid for, of course. And he was hot!

I’m not used to people thinking I’m sexy. I’m twenty-eight, balding, and overweight, and I’m not exactly the cute kind of chubby.

Granted, I’m in a relationship. And it’s a good one. I’m pretty sure that he’s, you know… the one. Now I just have to make sure not to fuck it all up. *crosses fingers* wish me luck… lol.

SO of course I can’t and won’t be taking the offers up, and have changed my profile to reflect my new status. But the pron, my gods, the PR0N!!!

and it’s nice to have a social network of people who have the same interests as you, who don’t look at you funny for, I don’t know, wanting to suck on life-size inflatable rubber dolphin flippers, or whatever.

Check it out (if you aren’t at work, school, or a public setting)… become a member (it’s free, and doesn’t require any kind of credit info) … and see what kinky awesome hot little beasties we hoomanns can be!