No wonder nothing gets done.

I recently got forwarded this video in an e-mail from my parents. Thanks, Mom and Dad! Of course it avoids soooo many issues if I just search for it and link to it for my blog.

In any case, boys and girls, here’s a message from your uncle Jay about recess and politicians!


Arthur’s Return

Okay, I’ve been absent long enough. And I’m going to be posting a bunch.

Hopefully enough that you’ll forgive me for being absent around Thanksgiving.

Also hopefully, I’ll be able to figure out the darned delayed posting thingummie that wordpress (so thoughtfully) provides in time, and make it so you guys don’t notice my absence… erm.. well, except for the fact that I just… um… told you. Just now.

*slaps himself a la Gibbs*

P.S. – That last bit owes itself to a nifty little show called NCIS, a guilty pleasure for anyone of refined taste, but well worth it anyway for the cast. The cast has an amazing amount of chemistry for being in yet another csi rip-off, and the characters are so well realized that one wishes that NCIS had been the first, and not CSI.

P.P.S. Ms. Christie – If you don’t approve of my use of your work, feel free to let me know and I will immediately remove the image from my site. I’m using it more to illustrate a point than anything, and yours was the best image I could find for doing so.



jailbreakI know I’m only in my second week or so of writing this blog, but… welll.. I kinda posted extra content a bunch so you guys wouldn’t feel too ripped off when I took a day (or two, or three) off. Because I’m like that. I love all the people who give my site hits, of course. Real life, however, is somewhat more important. And anyone who disagrees with that particular statement needs to go outside and get some fresh air, before the dungeon-rot sets in for good.

I’m serious. I will set aside this blog if real life demands it. for instance, I’ve had several medical appointments which have already messed with my post times, and then this weekend I took my boyfriend (yes I has one nao) to a halloween bash *none of which will be reported herein; there are people involved who might have reputations ruined if their names or the stories got to sensitive ears, lol* – the point is that life is too important to waste ALL of sitting in front of a screen. Luh you all ^^