Ev’ry Day I’m Shufflin’.

The apocalypse that is Party Rock has arrived. I don’t know whether to be amused or terrified(NSFW). Either way, all I know is, ev’ry day I’m shufflin’.



This is possibly the most important video on marijuana legalization I have ever seen, or will ever see (outside of the notification that marijuana has been legalized – if that day comes in my lifetime).
I don’t care if you link back to my site, I don’t care if you tell people whose blog you found this on, just show people this video.
Lawrence O’Donnell, former chief of Staff for the Senate Finance Committee, on MSNBC, has something to say. I urge you to listen.

The Mother Of All Mashes

Youtube. home of . . . well. . . whatever you’re looking for, as long as it ain’t porn, and ain’t the printed word, you’ll find it (probably) on youtube.

Some brilliant man decided to take all of that user-submitted content and mash some of it into a new music video, somewhat in the style of AMVs (Anime Music Videos) or mash-ups (no explanation necessary; they’re both on Wiki) but subtly different.

That difference is simple: He made us the star. His mash-ups are a paean to everything laudable about Youtube, and therefore, to us, the people who make Youtube what it is.

Plus, it ROCKS. Here’s a link to the site where I was turned on to this groovy wonder, and here’s the video that wowed me: