This is possibly the most important video on marijuana legalization I have ever seen, or will ever see (outside of the notification that marijuana has been legalized – if that day comes in my lifetime).
I don’t care if you link back to my site, I don’t care if you tell people whose blog you found this on, just show people this video.
Lawrence O’Donnell, former chief of Staff for the Senate Finance Committee, on MSNBC, has something to say. I urge you to listen.


Penn Jillette Doing What He Does Best – Talk

Generally speaking I admire Penn Jillette for a couple of reasons. The one I admire him most for is his uncompromising and well-reasoned world-view (although we definitely disagree on some subjects). Here he is, making more of his thought-process and wisdom available. This time, it’s on religion, politicians, and religious behavior of elected officials.

Ah. . . So THAT’s what Bush Jr. wanted. Child harrassment!

You remember how adamant I was about the security measures that went into place after 9/11? How I said time and time again that they didn’t work, wouldn’t work, and needed to be higher quality instead of higher quantity? Well, of course you don’t, because I hadn’t started this blog back then. I have a Wily Badger to vouch for me though, should anyone seek verification. I said those things.
And here, as if I needed any more vindication than I already have, is this sad story about a family being harrassed because of the policies put into place during Bush’s administration. I’m sure Bush Jr. would approve of how this has all turned out.
Obama’s job now is to save this incredibly broken security system (which, to his credit, he’s already starting to do) and re-evaluate the no-fly and selectee lists, so that ordinary citizens who are above reproach, like eight-year old Cub Scout Mikey Hicks, can get on with their lives.

Mikey Hicks, poster child for improper TSA procedure.
Mikey Hicks, poster child for improper TSA procedure.

We need to revamp the lists and revise how we look at the security situation, people – if for no other reason than that our government is (in this and up to 25,000 other cases) essentially sanctioning the terrorizing of its own citizens.

Worse yet, while our TSA is frisking young master Hicks, a dozen people with criminal histories get on flights without more than the most cursory of checks. I know, because I know some felons. The felons I know never have problems with security in the united states. (Anecdotal, but true ^^)

And even those felons are upset with that state of affairs. According to one, who wishes to remain anonymous,  “If I can fly through security with my background [which includes weapons charges – ed.], then somebody else could, and what if they’ve had a REALLY bad day?”