over forty two thousand visitors in my first year!

Thanks everybody who helped make my blog such a success in the first year it’s been active …

I’m speechless.

Thank you all – SO much.

*hugs t3h Int0rn3ts*

ewwww…. sticky. ^^


I’m on twitter!

I admit, most of the reason I signed up for twitter is because Stephen Fry is on, and I thought, what the hey. If I don’t like it, I can always remove myself from the august peerage of the Twitting hoi polloi.

Hmm. A thought just occurred to me – are people who use Twitter Twitterers, or would it be a better phrase, a mot juste, to simply call them Twits? Must think on it.

In my defense, I am as fascinated by new shiny toys as the rest… And I adore cats, as well. Like with cats, however, I prefer that my new shiny be as debugged as possible before it comes into my house.

For those of you on the frontiers of technology who have already passed the edges of light expanding past the universe, and who look back on late adopters like me with a sort of fond disdain, I say this: It is a far wiser man who lets evolution do its work before dipping his dainty toes into the genetic murk. And that stands true especially for technology.

I’m In LOVE!!!

Oh happy day, Callou, Callay… And other Frabjous and frilling words!

I R luv !1!1!

His name is Taylor, but he prefers his nickname, which is Deisel. ^^ I know, it sounds silly, but… well, think about it. If your first name was most often used for girls, and everybody mispronounced it, wouldn’t you find a nickname too?

The boy of my dreams
Rawr! lol

He’s silly and sweet and romantic and sexy, too… he likes hiking, the nets, gaming and geekery, movies and candle-lit dinners, and even long walks in the park, lol. I don’t know how to describe him… But we fit, somehow, together, in a way that is as much mundane as it is profound.  Just know that you must envy me, for he is a catch, and I has caught him. ^^

*glares when you does not envy him*



*strolls off, whistling a merry tune off of Eric Clapton’s Slowhand album*

P.S. I took both of these photos of him, whaddaya think?